There are several binational programs, funds and cooperation agreements providing support for R&D companies that carry out joint R&D projects with foreign companies. The following are selected programs

EUREKA incorporates 40 national funding schemes of virtually all European countries and the European Union, facilitating approx. 400 projects every year, mobilizing EUR 1.5 billion of public and private funds. Since 2000, Israel has been the only non-European Full Member of EUREKA, and is among the most active members of the network – Israeli companies currently participate in more than 10 percent of all EUREKA projects.

This US-Israel Binational Research and Development Foundation offers funding of 50% of the product development and commercialization costs or US $1 million.

Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation offers up to 50% of R&D costs up to a total of C $800,000.

Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation offers support of up to 50% of joint R&D expenses up to a ceiling of US $1 million.

Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation offers up to 50% of the joint venture’s approved costs up to a ceiling of US $1 million.